Look who is two!

It was an answer to prayer that we were with our Little Man to celebrate his 2nd birthday today.  There were many times during the adoption process that I doubted my baby would be in my arms by September.  Thank you Jesus for sparing me the pain of missing this milestone.  He probably wouldn’t have known any different.  Like any 2 year old, he treated it like just another day.  He was confused by the wrapped gifts, ate his ice cream with gusto, and didn’t really take note of the extra attention.  (Heck, all the toys in our house still feel new to him and he still is surprised at every meal by what we set before him.  Today seemed like any other surprising day in his new life.)

For me today marks the beginning of a lifetime of celebrations.  I vow to be behind my camera cheering on my boy from here on out.  I have missed his first tooth, first birthday, first word – I don’t intend on missing anything else.  If I have my way the blank pages in the photo album marking the first two years of his life will not reflect the days to come.  It is a new year.  We are putting hard beginnings behind us and looking forward to memories created together.

Today at church when I stood up front sharing the communion devotion a little voice was calling from the congregation.  “Ma!  Ma!”  The same little boy took off down the church hallway, stopped and turned to make sure I was following him.  My gifts on his birthday.  It might not seem like a big deal to others – but for a momma praying and hoping for bonding and asking God to heal a young grieving heart, these two simple acts mark a significant beginning.

He is ready to claim me as much as I am ready to be there for him.

He wasn’t very sure about the cake.
Once he figured out it was made of ice cream….he decided to dig in.
He also wasn’t so sure about the little car we got him.
Big sisters to the rescue. They showed him how to get around on it and fun was had by all!
Happy Birthday Little Man!

2 thoughts on “Look who is two!

  1. So beautiful! I am so happy for all of you and remember that the Lord will restore those two years to you! Love You

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