Our New Normal

Six weeks ago we adopted our amazing son.

Three weeks ago we packed up our lives and moved to Florida.

This week we started homeschooling in earnest.

Our family has gone through a lot of transitions in the past month and a half (to say the least).  I am thankful that we are now entering into the settling in phase.  Most of the boxes are getting unpacked.  Our lives are starting to form a rhythm and I am beginning to see what the new “normal” might look for us with our little village.

Normal – Poo in a box in the car port.  “What is this?”  I ask the kids knowing our dog Dewey didn’t climb in a box.    Turtle poop of course….I should have known that huge turtles make huge poo.  Silly mommy.  You wouldn’t believe the things that my son has found in our new yard.  The house we are renting is ruining us for ever living in town again.   Pockets filled with sand, boxes with turtles in them, lizards and frogs in my kitchen – could this really be my new normal? The industrial size hand sanitizer was on my list for the supermarket.

Normal – you know – one cart filled with kids while dragging the other behind me filled with groceries.  Praising Jesus we made it through the list without a mommy meltdown, head to the check out line when a sweet voice calls out “I need to go potty.”  40 minutes later, two potty trips, a blow out diaper (using a lot of hand sanitizer) before putting melted ice cream on the cashier belt to be paid for.  Normal.

Normal – A sweet older woman at the door of the grocery store patting me on the back and asking.  “Honey are all those yours?”  At my nod she says, “you sure have your hands full.”

At times I do feel like I have my hands full – but even more I feel like my heart is full.   That is a great normal.

On a side note…..I am not complaining that our new normal is only an hour from the beach.  Loving it!  Now can this mom get a photo of all 4 kids looking at the camera to show you all how cute they are digging in the sand…..NOOOO.  Normal!

side story of why I have beach photos in the middle of the craziest month of my life.  Well…..our house wasn’t quite ready for us to move in when we first arrived in Florida.  What could have been stressful ended up being a huge blessing.  Generous friends set us up at a place on the beach.  we all had a great time.  Little Man LOVED the ocean and the sand.  Can you believe this guy was in an orphanage a month before this photo was taken?!  He looks like he was born for the beach! 🙂  He is adjusting well to life with our family.  Kinda wondering if we are in a “honeymoon” phase with our easy going, happy, little man.  Eating great, sleeping great, called Bryan “Dad” for the first time today.  Amazing.  Guess God knew that we needed easy for this season of life!

3 thoughts on “Our New Normal

  1. Love the beach photos! Florida will be wonderful this winter when we’re buried in snow. I love little man’s smile. He’s so happy & it shows all over his face. All your kids look great!!

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