Since the UHaul is in the driveway…..I guess that means this move is really happening.  Not sure exactly how we are pulling this one off (there were a few moments that I doubted we could) but, most of the truck is loaded, the house is almost empty and the goodbyes have started.

We have averaged a move every 2.5 years that we have been married so you would think that I am a pro at this moving thing.  Somehow each time I forget how much work it is.  I have decided that each additional child makes that difficulty rate rise!!  I must admit, the four child difficulty level is evened out by not moving internationally.   I was so thankful not to be required to fit all that my family needs into eight suitcases that weigh under 50 lbs each.  I have done it before.  It is a very good exercise in helping me to simplify my life, but not an easy task.

For this move there was less organization and more raking junk into boxes.  I strapped Little Man onto my back and did the best I could.  I can’t believe how much stuff we have gathered over the past two years.  Shocking and disturbing!  The big kids have all been great helpers and done a good job at entertaining themselves and their new brother.  I have amazing children!

For Little Monkey this is the first move since joining our family.  She is taking it hard, feeling very unsettled and claiming she is staying in KY.  A new brother (displacing her from the spot as youngest) and a move all in the same month is a lot for any 5 year old.

Sad to say that Big Girl and Soccer Dude are taking the move in a stride.  Big Girl is so focused on her new little brother I sometimes wonder if she knows we are moving.  For Soccer Dude – he has moved so many times he shrugs it off.  I was shocked when he told his buddy today – “have a good life.”  In his mind good-byes are final.  I can see his point.  Last time he said goodbye to his best friends (one from Denmark, one from Canada and one from the US) – well we haven’t seen 2 of them again and who knows if we will.  The hard part of being a MK.

We so appreciate all your prayers and support during this month of crazy transitions.  We couldn’t have done it without all of you.  The encouraging emails, phone calls, help with moving, kids and food…..I really will never be able to repay it all.  It is humbling.  So thankful for Christian community.

Cleaning tomorrow and then the UHaul pulls out Sunday.  I better go get some sleep.  Signing off for now – next time from Florida.

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