Pure Joy

He kissed me.

Be still my heart.  I believe Little Man is falling in love with his mom.   What greater joy could exist?

We were tossing and turning – going through our normal bedtime routine of trying to get him comfortable.  He can be so funny as he tries not to go to sleep.  He tickles me.  Sings and tries to play games.  The trick is for me not to react.  I rock and snuggle, but absolutely no playing, laughing or talking.  If I break those rules I am in for another 30 minutes of “wrestle the toddler.”  Not the most fun game at the end of a long day.

I know he was just trying to stall.  He didn’t want to sleep and he has used the kissing trick many times before…..by leaning in for me to kiss him.  (Yes, if he leans in I kiss.  How can I not?)  Tonight he planted a wet gooey one on me.  The first kiss he has offered me other than a blown one from his hand.  I broke all the rules.  I laughed and almost cried while telling my sweet boy that I love him.  He didn’t fall asleep until 10pm.

I love being his mom.  I really can’t describe the joy that he has brought to our home.

Well, maybe one more story will help you to catch a glimpse.

He has HATED having his diaper changed.  We are talking tantrum city.  I had enough last week and in one of my weaker mommy moments declared, “if you are going to pitch a fit about your diaper change then you need to just go on the potty.”  I marched him to the toilet and told him in Chinese to go potty.

He did.

Wait a minute.  Could it be?

Yup.  For 2 months we have subjected this poor guy to diapers when he has been trained.  No wonder he was pitching fits.  Since he isn’t talking much it has been a bit if a guessing game.  Really he is training me.  Hah!  So this week has been a new adventure with a little one in undies whose tushy is to little for any I can find.

[Okay, now for the joy part of this long story.]

He loves flushing the toilet and watching the water swirl and go down.  Loves it.  The first time he pooped in the toilet he flushed, blew it a kiss, waved at it and gleefully cried, “bye! bye!”


I want to love life that much and take joy in the simple fun of swirling running water that takes my poop away.  Isn’t that great? 😉  Isn’t adoption great?!  How am I so lucky to be the mother of this sweet one?

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