Pumpkins, Fire Ants & Beaches

For today’s friday field trip we went to the beach – we marked off all of the birds from our water fowl category today.  Gotta love 80 degree weather at the end of October and an afternoon of all four kids happily digging a big hole together.  This momma loves the beach!

Before you get jealous let me tell you about something in Florida that I don’t love.  Fire ants.

Yesterday, we carved our pumpkins on the back patio.  (Another point in the love Florida column.   Now, will I love making wreaths on the back patio for Christmas?  The jury is still out on that one.)  The kids girls were having a great time working on their pumpkins.  The boys quickly moved on to the swing set.  Little Man has decided that grass isn’t so bad and is now venturing out beyond the cement.  This is a huge step for him.

The boys were happily exploring and playing and the girls were happily drawing and carving.  Oh the bliss of a peaceful moment…..when I have such a thought is always when it hits – whammo!

Before I knew what was happening both boys were yelling and Soccer Dude was stripping off Little Man’s clothes.  In the time that it took me to run the few steps our poor little guy was covered in fire ants that were biting him.   I am so thankful that Soccer Dude thought to take off his clothes so quickly and proud of him for diving in to help his brother even though it meant he also got bit several times on his hands.

Once I got past the panic of the moment and after I had doctored up their blisters and passed out mommy compassion, I actually felt a bit thankful for the tragedy.  Their shared pain revealed a newly formed brotherly bond and reminded me of God’s mercy in my life.

Funny how a bit of pain can actually unearth beauty and reveal God’s healing hand in our lives.  If only I didn’t need the pain to discover the beauty – but so often in my life they go hand in hand.   It is in the midst of pain I know that God is near.  I reach my hand out and accept the Savior I need.   He is there waiting – quickly stripping me of what holds me back and wiping away the sin that causes the hurt.

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