Life Changing

Our lives are about to change….again.

Yesterday as we met with a team of 4 specialists in Tampa, Florida at Shriner’s Hospital I realized that they were about to change our lives.  They are giving Little Man the gift of walking on two feet rather than on his knees.  It brought tears to my eyes as I realized that we were going to be able to teach him to walk with the help of these amazing folks.  It also struck fear in my heart that this boy is about to get even faster and able to get into even more cabinets!  Aiyee, Lord have mercy!!

It is going to be a very busy month….three more five hour trips to Tampa.  But these guys are the best in Florida and they know what they are doing.  There is some uniqueness to his case and I was so impressed on how they pulled in more doctors, made a plan together and educated us on our options.  It gave us the confidence that we needed and makes the long drives and overnight visits worth it!

Two huge praises….there were no major surprises (you never know what new x-rays could bring up) and he does not need surgery!  We are beyond thankful!   As he grows things could change, but the doctors educated us on what to look for and what future care would look like.  It felt like a simple walk in the park!

The second part of the day was spent with an amazing woman who will be making Little Man a leg and a brace.  Her 23 years of experience and easygoing manner made the afternoon fun even though we were buried in plaster!  They made molds and explained the process of fittings, the steps in making the leg and the physical therapy afterward.  It really is amazing what they can do and looked like a piece of artwork in process.

We would appreciate your prayers as we travel each week this month back to Tampa.  Can’t wait to share photos of our little man walking in a few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Life Changing

  1. forget the last e-mail I was able to print it off the “email” and it is the larger print! Must-a-had a senior moment!! Thanks for the details so I can share them better with dad.

  2. Wow, am praiseing God with you Tammy. Life just keeps on moving! I will be praying that the trips go smoothly. Do the other kids go with you? You are one busy lady. Miss you! ~Rachel

  3. Heehee I bet your little sweetie will be just as amazing as our little guy and it truly is a miracle to watch them upright and walking for the first time

  4. Wow! No surprises and no surgery. Please remind me how Little Man was labeled “special needs.” Seems like those of us with two legs are the needy ones! God is good, my friend. So grateful His
    blessings have followed you to FL!

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