3 months ago

Three months ago today, I became Little Man’s momma.  Crazy how three months can feel like a short time, yet I have a hard time imagining what life was like before him.  If this ball of energy that keeps me hopping wasn’t around – how boring things would be!  I catch myself wondering how all this has happened.  How did we see a little photo and “know” he was our boy and that our family wouldn’t be the same without him.  I am not sure, but oh how thankful I am for God leading us to him!

The image of him hugging his dads neck within minutes of our first meeting will never leave me.  What a gift for us.  Yet at that time, he would have hugged anyone.  Teams had come and gone from his orphanage and he was very accustomed to charming any new friend that came his way with a thumb wave, smile, and a hug.  We were no exception.

Yesterday, we had to run to the hardware store.  Little Man clung for dear life unwilling to go to anyone.  I never thought I would sing praises to Jesus when one of my children developed stranger anxiety!  He now cries whenever I leave the room.  Setting him down to go to the bathroom (mom going potty by herself….what an amazing idea!) has become the worst of all betrayals in Little Man’s life.   He bangs on the door and yells “MOMMYYYYYYYY” claiming me as his own.  There isn’t anything much better.   He wants me and has decided that I can’t be replaced.   A few weeks ago as he pushed off of me while I tried to rock him to sleep I never thought such change could happen.  It really is a miracle.

This morning the happy babbles of our little boy came across the baby monitor.  I heard him singing the names of our family – “Roooty, Smule, jiejie (big sister Beth), Momyyyy, Daaadddeee.”  What a sweet song practicing his place in our family.     I laid there soaking in the sweetness of my little boy.

He has come so far in three months and the next three hold the promise of even more.  (Next week we travel to Shriners for his 2nd fitting for his prosthetic leg.) I am holding on tight for this amazing ride and treasuring each of these moments in my heart.

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