Our miracle

Many folks question if miracles take place today.  We have read Biblical accounts of healing, bread and fish being multiplied, and animals getting along on a big boat.  But what about today?

Just for reference, our Little Man (2 years old missing one leg and the other deformed) can crawl at neck breaking speed, climb to the highest point of my kitchen cabinets and undo ANY child safety lock.   The day he figured out he could pull himself up on the hinges of a cabinet thus pulling the door down ever so slightly to get his fingers in and undo the child safety latch….that was the day I began to call him our “Over comer.”

Yesterday, as I watched Little Man slide on his new prosthetic leg, I was numb with emotion.  He was annoyed at first with the cumbersome weight and stomped like an anxious filly.  He immediately tried to shake it off giving the doctors grief.   I had expected as much from my over comer; He puts up with nothing that might slow him down.  For the moment, the leg was an obstacle.

I am not really sure how it happened.  The adults in the room were beginning to call it a day.  He wasn’t taking to it so the fitting was going to be impossible.  All of a sudden he pulled up and balanced.  We all cheered and clapped shocking him (thankfully not tipping him over)!  “Oh, is that what you want me to do?”  His face seemed to say as he joined us in clapping for himself.

That is when the marathon began.  Two hours later he was taking a walk down the hospital hallway to check out a Christmas tree.  He had never seen one before.

Everyone was amazed by his quick progress.  For his dad and I, well, I can’t really describe our awe.  Not just over his first steps but over this little boy who is transforming before our eyes.  He is a miracle.

Three months ago he only ate pureed food, was hindered in movement due to sores on his leg and was fearful of this strange new world he had been dropped into.  How can I even describe the distance he has come?  He is not the same little boy and I am not the same woman.  My life will always be marked by the miracle I am witnessing.  How blessed am I to see what God is working in Little Man’s life.  God created him to be an over comer and then opened all of the doors to give him the space to blossom.  I can never thank God enough for allowing our family to be that place.

If you don’t believe in present day miracles – we need to invite you over for dinner so you can meet ours in action.

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