Tenacious Children

Is there anything better in the world then teaching a child to ride a bike?!  Love, love watching as they overcome fear, conqueror balance and then…..fly!  It was a perfect afternoon.  Little Monkey had the idea of taking off her training wheels and then worked hard most of the afternoon.  She is one determined chica.  I watched her eat dirt several times, but she kept telling me, “just let me go!”  I wanted to save her from a scraped knee but as I looked at her proud smile…..I was reminded.  Sometimes it takes a few scrapes to achieve something great.  Enter your own life application…..so many it makes smoke come from my ears!!!

Look at me! No training wheels!!

She flew.  Look at that proud smile.  I soaked it all in and so did her little brother.

We have been told that he will never learn to ride a bike due to the nature of his amputation.  Pushing the peddles would just be impossible.  I looked at his wistful eyes and mentioned to Hubby the need to save now for a hand peddled bike.  Hubby laughed and said, “there are few things he will never do.”

His words got us thinking.  So the kids and I rigged up the tricycle that Little Man usually shuffles.  With straps to keep his feet in place we watched what our little guy would do.  True to daddy’s words our boy started singing, “MY TURN!  MY TURN!”    He needed some help pushing his legs at first but quickly got the idea.  Pushing the peddles three times in a row might seem like a small thing, but it brought this momma to tears.  No one will tell this boy he can’t do something!!

I have some tenacious children!

Roo helping brother
Saying “push” helps the wheels go around.
There go our new bike riders!
Big brother coming to the rescue when little was tired.

The perfect afternoon.  I am one blessed mom.

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