mini me

She entered the world on her own time and has kept me hopping ever since. It’s been nine years and I guess you could consider this the half-way mark.  I can’t even imagine life without her; I would be bored and my life would lack so much of its color.  She has a way of dancing through life seeing beauty in the things that I miss.


We have our moments.  She has the confidence to become whatever she sets her heart on and the stubbornness to knock over any obstacle in the way.  It is that stubbornness that arouses a side in me…. phew.  When she gets that look, I give it right back.  Because, after all, I am the one who invented that look.  (p.s. telling her that does not help in the midst of one of  our “moments”!)  But, that is also the look that she turns on when tackling a really hard spelling word and when trying to dominate a lump of clay on her small potter’s wheel.

I remember well.  When I was nine I also had paint on the corners of most of my clothes.  I saw things in color but had a hard time seeing how to solve a math problem or how to spell a word.  I want to wrap my arms around this small version of myself and save her from learning lessons that I came by the hard way.  If only I could save her the pain.  It isn’t always easy watching these dear ones grow up.  When she was that tiny baby that arrived a month early….it seemed hard.  But, oh, what I would give to have her wrapped tightly in a blanket laying safely in the bend of my arm.  or would I…..

She was given two barbies by a friend for her birthday.  When she opened the bag she exclaimed with great excitement, “oh, look Little Monkey one for me and one for you!”

If I put a brick on her head so she wouldn’t be able to grow-up, the world would miss out on this generous creative young lady.  I am sure that when God made her he wanted to share a piece of himself with us.  We do see him in her and I am forever grateful.

Happy Birthday my sweet Roo.

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