May held two very significant events for our family – Little Man’s dedication and Hubby’s graduation from seminary.    Both were huge yet not a big deal at the same time.  What else would you expect from me besides a nonsense statement like that – but I swear it is true!

For Little Man – from the time we saw his sweet face on a list of “waiting children” we knew that God’s hand was on him.   Standing before our church family and declaring that our little guy belongs to Him….redundant.   How can I offer something which I have never had claim on to begin with?   The sacred moment really was for Bryan and I as his parents.  More than anything we want to parent these four blessings well.  As I looked out at the sea of faces in the congregation and saw the row of our family, I sighed with relief.  I am not doing this on my own.  Isn’t God so smart to create us for community?! 😉

IMG_5740 IMG_5743

We have survived seminary!!  When we came back to the States three years ago, one of our goals was to better equip ourselves for ministry which included Hubby finishing his masters.  He has worked full time, traveled globally teaching, been a full time student and still not cheated the kids and I.  (This doesn’t even mention adopting two children and moving!)  Not many men could do that.  I am beyond blessed and so proud of him!  So why would I say that his graduation isn’t a big deal?  Well, for those of you who know my husband you will nod in agreement when I say -he is a lifetime student!  Although he turned in his final paper, got the last grade, this will by no means be his last class.  He says taking classes and studying keeps him sharp.  So I have no delusions that we are done, but still excited for him to have earned the paper that proves he is a good biblical scholar.  Hubby really didn’t care if he was at the graduation ceremony or not….I wanted the photographs (and the chance to love on our KY friends)!  So here are a few from the weekend:





2 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Congratulations from Steve and I. Always keep learning is what I tell my children. Keep up the good work. God bless your family. Jean Rogers.

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