Happy Family Day, Little Man

IMG_3371One year ago – it was a day that changed the fabric of our family for good.  A Chinese nanny placed a screaming 2 year old in my arms.  What sorrow and joy mingled together that day.   The gut wrenching sobs of a fearful child who was loosing everything he knew in order to gain everything a forever family could offer.

But, how can a new mother express that to her stranger child?

We paced the floor of the civil affairs office – Hubby and I taking turns trying to sooth and get acquainted with our new son.  In the end, it was his sweet sister who offered her hand and comfort as she whispered, “it’s okay.  I am adopted too.  We will be okay.”

We knew when God gave the idea of adopting our Isaac in a dream that the journey ahead of us would be sweet (not easy mind you, but very sweet).  However, I did not know that the name Isaac, meaning laughter, would fit this Little Man just as perfectly as he fits in our family.    It is almost hard to recall the pain of August 13, 2012.  Our home now is filled with much laughter and joy due to the little guy I met that day.   Cool how God works like that.

I actually could fill this blog with many cool things like that….cool how God provided the funds we needed for the adoption.  Cool how he could lead us to the right child.  Cool how beauty can come from ashes.  Cool how he heals hearts and love can blossom.  Cool how he helps mother and child bond.  Cool how he gives a child the courage to overcome physical challenges.

You get my point.  It is fun to spend the day looking back on all of the miracles God pulled together in order to make us a family of 6 and to remind myself of how far we have come over the past year.

When Little Man walked into the kitchen to find me today and asked, “Can I hold you?”  (Which is his way of asking me to pick him up and snuggle.)  I thought back to a year ago when his body was stiff in my arms and I didn’t know how to comfort him.  Today he covered my checks in kisses, dug his face in my neck and in his toddler lingo expressed his love.  Miraculous.  Not sure how I have gotten this blessed, how my heart is this full.


Thinking of all of you, dear children, who still live in the Maoming orphanage.  When our little man was filled with sorrow from leaving the only home he had known and you his friends….I know you were filled with the sadness of a different kind.  The pain of not being chosen.   I haven’t forgotten you.  Today I am praying that you will have the chance of a family and that your sorrow will soon turn to laughter.


Want to walk down memory lane with me?  Read about the day Isaac became a Williams.

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