boxes, and sharpies, and tape. Oh MY!

105148_5159I have the spiritual gift of packing.  It might not be listed in the book of Corinthians – but I am sure it is a legit spiritual gift.  Joking aside, moving 9 times in the last 14 years might have something to do with my ability to pack up a house.  Moving across town, in 4 different states and 4 international moves – we have done it all.

Even with all of my packing experience this move still does seem a bit overwhelming.  With each additional child it seems to get a bit harder…Or that is what I want to say. But honestly, for our last move I used the “rake it into a box” method and got rid of NOTHING.  I am paying for that now.  I distinctively remember putting a box of half used wrapping paper bits into the moving van.  I knew that was nuts.  A dear friend who was helping me pack even called me out on the silliness – but I stubbornly held on to bits of paper.  I am not really sure why.

There is nothing like a good international move to help me simplify my life and really evaluate my treasures.  Seriously do I need this many pairs of shoes?  Where did all of these books come from?  If it is called a junk drawer then I probably don’t need anything that is in it.

Crazy how stuff can creep in and take over areas of my heart that they have no business owning.

So I am not just packing.  I am getting my heart in order.  I am cleaning out what doesn’t belong so that there is room to do something meaningful.  As I put my hand to the task, I have four Littles watching.  We all are fitting our lives into 12 suitcases – but we are reminded that even with that amount of belongs we are better off than 90% of the world.  Humbling.

Now, don’t go painting me as some holy saint.  I was just eating a bag of chips with nacho dip (comfort food) as I decided what shirts to purge from my closet.  I haven’t figured this whole thing out yet, but one step box at a time I am getting there.

I really don’t want to be thought of as a person with a gift for packing.  Instead I am asking Father to help me to have the spiritual discipline of living simply and trusting only in Him.

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