Reality setting in – 2 weeks and counting

Maybe it is the tables in my carport laden with our belongings ready to sell – or the suitcases and boxes I am tripping over throughout the house – or maybe it is the fact that we bought plane tickets and have a departure date in – no matter, reality is setting in.  We are moving to Asia…in 14 days.  Craziness.

In the past most of our major life changes have come with much planning and a lot of prep time.  We have spent a year planning for a past international move.  Our first adoption took 3 years the other a year.  Dated my hot red head for 2 years before I decided marrying him would be an option.  See….I am a planner.

You can imagine how this planner is going nuts right about now.

There are legal pads spread throughout the house….just in case I think of something I need to do in the next two weeks before we leave.  I am trying to cope – but to be honest, this is totally out of my control which makes me think that Gd is up to something in my life and is about to do something huge.


I guess the first clue could have been the miraculous open door for us to return to Asia followed by all the documents needed.  Then when you add in the pr@yer support  and 75% of the funds we need coming in – well it should be a no-brainier that Gd is up to something.




Whatever the reason, at times I still doubt and wonder.  Will this all come together?  Can we really get there?  Is this really happening?  See what I mean.  If I had been saved out of Egypt by the deliverer….I would have been one who complained about walking in the desert, scared when pressed toward the Red Sea, grumbling when I wanted water, bread and meat.  So thankful that we learn from those stories that our Savior is merciful and forgiving with His people.

I can trust that in my weakness He will be glorified.

I can’t wait to be able to write to you from the other side of the ocean.  I will be able to tell you that it is accomplished.  What a great story to tell.


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