How city kids play in the snow

IMG_6914Snow doesn’t happen often here.  We have lived for the last year in Florida and haven’t seen snow in awhile.  Our youngest thought snow was white rain.

All those realities combined together equaled the perfect opportunity for this homeschooling momma to throw the lessons out the window and bundle up some excited kiddos (minus poor Soccer Dude who is suffering from another cold!  sigh.  Pray for us to beat this string of bugs!)

It took a bit of work to play in the dusting of snow that graced our apartment complex, but they found some good places to scrape the snow together.  Little Man thought it was great fun and alternated between yelling “snooooowball!” and trying to eat it.  Not a big fan of my kids eating polluted snow.  I might be laid back enough to throw my homeschool plan out for the day….not laid back enough to let him eat the snow!   There are limits.







It all ended with a bit of mischief.  They gathered snowballs to take back to our apartment….”to show Soccer Dude” but when I saw them camped out at the window over the doorway to our apartment building a few minutes before Hubby was due home from teaching class, I realized there were two reasons for the snowballs!  Good thing they have a fun Daddy who also enjoys a bit of mischief!



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