Little Man Update

IMG_6793One of our biggest concerns moving back to Asia centered around how to care for Little Man and his special needs.  We live in the boonies without the resources available in the States.  Although that is true, we are blessed to have western doctors, nurses and a therapist who live in our city.

Little Man started therapy last week and quickly fell in love with the therapist who is a bubbly American with a wide range of experience.  We were thrilled to hear that her assessment of our little man paralleled what we had been told in the States.  She picked up right where the last therapist left off and gave us exercises to do at home focusing on getting his leg strengthened.

One of the best things for him has been our apartment with hardwood floors.  In Florida he didn’t care to wear his prosthetic at home due to the soft carpet.  Here no prosthetic = sore knees.  He has started putting his leg on in the morning and leaving it on all day long.  The longer he wears it the more his other leg gets used and strengthened.  Bonus.

We have had to adjust his prosthetic since arriving.  This Little Man is intent on not staying little.  He is growing so much and so fast which affects how his prosthetic fits.   For now, minor adjustments have done the trick.  We have researched getting a new one made here in China if there is ever the need, but have found no where.

No where.

It baffles me and makes me realize all over again the grim future most born in this country with limb differences have.  When we pass a beggar on the street, I see what could have been.

Our little guy is walking proof that people born with disabilities are bright, amazing, loving people who add to society.  Our Chinese friends are often shocked when they see all that he can do and how our family loves him.  Even more, I think they are taken by surprise when this little dear wiggles into their hearts as well!  Just this week a neighbor commented to a mutual friend of ours, “You know their son is adopted and disabled, but they carry him and love him like their own.”   There is no better way to share the value of life with those around us then to show them.  We are so thankful to have the opportunity….and desperate.

Desperate to see the other children with limb differences find forever families.

There really is little hope for them if they grow up in the institutions here.  Pr@y with us that Dad will continue to soften hearts and provide families for these amazing children.

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