New members of the family

IMG_6967Ever wonder if God has a sense of humor? Wonder no more. I have a son who is border-line obsessed with birds. Last year it was chickens.  Since our move to Asia he has embraced the typical pet here – lovebirds. Why is this funny….I HATE BIRDS.  Actually trying to save face here.  I don’t technically hate them.  I fear them.  Long story involving a bat in the church attic followed by an encounter with a very mean red-winged black bird.  I won’t bore you with the details.  (Trying to save face again in case you are wondering!)

I was content to live with my fear. God saw fit to give me a bird loving son. sigh!

I say I am overcoming my fear, but I must admit I hide in my bedroom when Soccer Dude has to open the cage to change the water or feed them.  He is a respectful son. He actually takes the birds in the bathroom and closes the door to give me extra peace of mind as I hear them flapping and squawking.

So all that to introduce you to the newest members of our family…. Skittles (the green one) and Starburst (the yellow one.)


Behind bars they kinda look cute.  Their song also is almost enjoyable.


One more thing….when Little Man had crawled on top of a stool and was figuring out the latch to open the bird cage, I suddenly saw many future funny blog posts about birds flapping through my house.  Oh right, already wrote one of those.  Surely I am safe.  Right?!  Oh Lord, have mercy!

One thought on “New members of the family

  1. We had 2 love birds when we lived in the Dominican Republic. We named them Red Rock and Merengue after soda pop flavors there. They did sing beautifully, but we were never truly successful in taming them. Enjoy!:)

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