A pink pig humidifier

I was lugging a 50 pound bag of flour home from the small shop down the street that sells eggs, rice and flour in bulk.  The wind, rather chilly yesterday, made the 4 block walk seem a bit longer than usual…or was it the 50 pound bag that got me wheezing….or the cold/flu that I am now sharing with the children.  At any rate, it all struck me as hilarious.

Life for me has changed a bit.

Daily chores that I didn’t think twice about three months ago have now taken on a life of their own.  You may think I am exaggerating (I am prone to making a blah story better) but no my friend, this is a true statement.  For example, making sandwiches for lunch.  I have some peanut-butter and jelly loving kiddos.  Not much thought went into that lunch of choice except for which low sugar jelly could I convince my picky eater to enjoy.  Now, it all starts with me lugging home a 50 pound bag of flour so that I can begin making bread for my family.

I actually enjoy the challenge of it – most days.  I was pretty proud of the green bean casserole I served up at Thanksgiving.  I started with mushrooms and ended with homemade french fried onions for the top…it was pretty good.    Yet, earlier this week when I set out to buy a humidifier.  Oh lordy!  I am not always so eager to embrace the crazy market and not so proud to mention I am very willing to pay a few extra dollars to the lady at the market who doesn’t make fun of my faltering Chinese.  Yes, I did buy a humidifier in the shape of a pig.  It is pink.  The lady was kind to me.  It looks just great sitting in my living room…end of story.

Not sure if I am really telling this in a way that makes you understand how funny all of this truly is.

I am an independent, perfectionist who likes to have things neatly wrapped up.  You can’t even imagine how opposite from that my life now is.  I am a blubbering idiot when trying to talk at the market.  I no longer know how to cook the most simple of dishes, I am wheezing as I trudge up hill all for a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.

“G0d, you have my attention.”

Just saying.  Having my world turned upside down isn’t a bad thing.  It is just what I needed….a reminder that I can’t do this all on my own.  I am not perfect and I am pretty sure JC didn’t intend for me to have life all wrapped up neatly with a matching bow.

Leaning on Him.

Learning to draw closer, rely more, and trust.





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