Flu day 7 – thoughts from the trenches!

My daily reading was about the Israelites.  I have read the story for years – but I was struck anew by Gd’s provision for them as they walked through the desert.  Their sandals and clothes never wore out.   They had food to eat and water when needed.

Usually I compare the provision for our work to this story.  It is true we always seem to have enough.  Indeed, I panic from time to time when I come up with my own plan, my own timing rather than waiting on Gd.  That says something about lessons I continue to need to learn!

We have been struggling with a string of illness the past several weeks.  It has seemed that someone in our family has been ill ever since we have arrived in Asia.  Nothing serious – colds, stomach issues, a rash – the cherry on top has been the flu.  It began 7 days ago and continues to reak havioc on our household.  All four kids and now Hubby are sick at the same time.  I was at my wits end – up at nights with sick kids, worried during the day about the youngest two who have fevers that seem to climb higher and not give up.

Yesterday, we were able to visit an American nurse practitioner at her office.  As I stood before her as she checked my children I realized I was witnessing G0d’s provision for me.  I needed peace of mind.  I needed her to tell me that this flu would run it’s corse and we would survive.

G0d provides.

The kids are still sick this morning.  G0d’s provision doesn’t mean that what worries and wears on us comes to an end.  His provision doesn’t always look like what we have envisioned – yet He provides if we give him credit for it or not.

The Israelites weren’t to keen on manna as their provision!  I wonder if I would have been part of the grumbling crowd.  Today I choose not to be.  I am thankful that God provided a friend to help my peace of mind during a rough flu week and I am confident that next week I will give him thanks that we are all well again.

Looking to recognize all the ways He provides for me.


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