Laughing as we make art together!

Today, I learned the word for marble in Chinese.  Funny the words I learn and use while teaching the kids at the orphanage!  When I learn a new word I then teach the kids in my class the word in English.  (I try my best teaching in Chinese, but there are just some words like marble they don’t teach you in language classes!)  As we learn together, the kids think it is hilarious to hear the weird English words and to try the feel of them on their tongue.

A little girl, about 9 years old, gave me a hug and said, “Teacher your English is so good.  You must have studied really hard in school.”  The nanny and I started to giggle as we explained that I am American so English is what I speak at home.  “Oh,” she said in awe. “That is why your English is so pretty to listen to and your Chinese is so bad!”

Gotta love the honesty of kids.  They keep me laughing.

Today’s project had them laughing out loud as well.  I have been collecting boxes for the last couple of months to use for this special project.  We taped paper in the bottom of the box, dipped marbles in paint, and they tipped the box around to make the marble “paint” on the paper.  It was great exercise for the students with disabilities that affect their core strength, easy for the kids to do who are unable to use their arms — and fun for all of the kids!  I was shocked to hear them laugh out loud as they watched the paint roll back and forth with the marbles.

IMG_0872 IMG_0873

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