Run of the place

What do the kids of a professor do for fun?  They act like they own campus, of course!





Look at this Little Man riding his new trike without needing his prosthetic leg strapped to the peddle!












Around the campus and back again!

3 thoughts on “Run of the place

  1. Were you all the only people on campus? Your weather looks great. Here in Indiana we enjoyed sunny and 70 yesterday – great day for the park. Today it’s 30 and snowing. Crazy Indiana.

  2. The children are precious!! Your little son looks so good. I am praying for you. Laurel Springs (Bethlehem Camp)

  3. That last picture looks like it could have been taken in Atlanta, not the real Atlanta of course, but the Atlanta from the Walking Dead, lol. Glad to see the kids are enjoying themselves and tell them to watch out for the zombies! ;p

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