When I was in High School I babysat….a lot.  I loved those three kids like they were my own sister and brothers and dreamt of a day that I would be the mom.  I burnt their canned ravioli, figured out how to change diapers and to give baths (although there were many times I seemed to need every towel in the cabinet to get it done).  I learned that you shouldn’t leave a baby on a counter who might roll and figured out the art of pretending that I knew what to do even when I was clueless.

Just thinking about those babysitting days and how grateful my children should be that they were spared the many mistakes that I learned in my teens.  I never have let another child roll from a counter top….thank you AJ Lobb.




Now I am the mom.  It is a job that isn’t over after a few hours and I don’t get paid $2.50 an hour.

I didn’t know that being a mom meant breaking up a fight for the millionth time and that I would need to be a detective to find out who broke the cup that was hidden behind a dresser.  I had no idea that I would need to be a counselor when faced with a spelling word meltdown (ok, honestly it was me having the meltdown over the spelling list not one of the kiddos, but still.) Cook, nurse, friend, teacher….I have decided that there is good reason mom’s are worth more than $2.50.





I hauled the kids out on campus for photos.  I had it in my mind that I needed some new photos of my sweet babies to celebrate mother’s day.  They had it in their minds that I was being sappy.

I downloaded the photos and began to edit and I could hardly stand it.  (Sappy as charged.)  Looking at their smiling faces (okay and a few grumpy “aren’t we done yet” poses) it hit me again how blessed I am.  I feel like my heart walks around outside of my body….a piece with each one of these precious four.


Somedays I get tired of being referee, maid, dentist, coach mom, but those are the days that I have forgotten to slow down and take a good look at my four crazies.

So for Mother’s Day this is what I want…..a good look so I can remember.  Motherhood is priceless and I don’t ever want to take my four blessings for granted.










3 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. Dear Tammy, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and life with us! Love the pictures!! Miss you

  2. Great gift idea to ourselves! Soaking it all in should be the easiest thing we do! Surely the most enjoyable. :o) Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Tammy!

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