We are back!

The horrors of jet lag.  I swear hell might look like never ending jet lag.  Oh, so painful!   All in all our travels back east were uneventful and smooth.  There was only one moment I about came unglued.

Only a crazy art teacher would pack a good chunk of our luggage allowance full of glue, glitter, Crayola, and craft sticks.  One huge bottle of glitter would not fit in the suitcases.  My sweet son stuck it in his carry on knowing his momma can go through a lot of glitter and there is non to be bought in our city.

It is the last flight in a Chinese airport that is known for its security measures, I was prepared.  We had no liquids and confidently were waltzing through.  Then….

They took my glitter!

Hey, Hey, Hey!  That isn’t liquid or flammable I heard myself whining and then pleading with my sweet husband to come to my aid in defensive of the red glitter.  How do you explain what glitter is to an officer who  never has seen the likes of a 5 lb bottle of the stuff  before!

I promise I won’t blow up your plane with it!

Meltdown was completely unneeded.  The second round through the scanner machine thingy deemed it harmless and it was handed back to me.  I noticed them raising an eyebrow at the crazy white woman and her glitter.

Jet lag is to blame for a lot of bad behavior….my whining included.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.

We are back glitter and all so thankful to be “home.”

Now that jet lag is mostly behind us we are jumping back into life.  The kids started homeschooling today and attended Chinese classes in the afternoon.  Hubby had his first day of classes – three literature classes, two oral english classes and a weekly lecture are sure to keep him busy.  I had my first meeting at the orphanage to set up classes too.  It was a big day setting up the fall semester for the Williams clan.

One of the kids at the orphanage summed it up well.  “So glad you are back.  How about you start art class NOW.”  Love that kid!  I think he will get an extra scoop of glitter the first day of class!


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