The Leg – Surgery it is

Surgery has been scheduled for July 9th.  Although it is a bummer that Little Man needs surgery, we really are seeing God’s provision in how all the details are falling in to place.  His team of doctors in the States were able to review all of the information we sent them from here and they have concluded that there is a 90% chance that surgery will be needed.  So we are getting ready.

The surgeon “happened” to have a slot for the surgery the morning after our already scheduled appointment so they switched it to a pre-op appointment and surgery will happen the next morning.   Provision for sure!

The procedure is routine in the States – a bone reconstruction in his limb or in the words of our family “the doctors are going to fix the booboo in Little Man’s stub so that he can wear his prosthetic again!”  That is what matters.  It is killing our little guy not to be able to wear his leg.  He likes to be on the move!  I am afraid the frustration of immobility will be a theme for the next month if not more, but in the end he should be more comfortable than ever.

Our summer plans really are on hold while we seek the best care for Little Man.  We had hoped to do a lot of visiting and speaking – now we might be making a lot of phone calls.  We hope that you all will understand our lack of visits this time around as we focus on getting our little guy up and running again.

We for sure will be keeping you posted on how he is doing and how the process goes. I would love to hear any suggestions on how to entertain an active four year old while in the hospital!


4 thoughts on “The Leg – Surgery it is

  1. Caleb says – puppets and stuffed animals. I’m thinking a soft ball and basket  might be fun if he has someone to play and memory… Will be thinking of you all :)Sarah

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  2. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. We will watching for what is happening on FB. We love all of you so much! Uncle J and Aunt D

  3. There is a wonderful exercise game that is entertaining for adults(especially parents) and children alike. Place the patient on the floor face up. Take three very colorful elastic bands about 12 feet long and 4″ wide. Tie them to two arms and one leg and to three opposing corners of the room at floor level. Head and foot posts work well for two of the attachments. An easy chair with grandpa or grandma sitting in it could be the third. Tighten the elastic bands so that there is still some bounce in them. Position different items on the straps such as bean bags, beach balls, stuffed animals,favorite fruit or candy, or even quarters. The purpose of the game is to exercise the limbs and give the little man a sense of accomplishment. Let him keep any quarters that he may be able to bounce from the elastic bands. That’s where grandpa comes into the picture again. What great therapy! JWH

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