Surgery Day

IMG_1039-1We literally rolled in on our last wheel, but we are now in Florida getting Little Man all fixed up.  We can’t sing the praises of Shriners Hospital in Tampa loud or long enough.  They really are bending over backwards to help us care for our guy.

On pre-op day they discovered that even more was going on than we had anticipated.  Rather than one bone spur needing to be removed he would need further amputation and reconstruction of his limb to remove old scar tissue.  This is much more invasive than we had planned for, but since we were in good hands we felt confident with the direction things were going.  Unfortunately, this means a longer recovery time, but we will take that one day at a time.

Yesterday was surgery.  He wasn’t feeling very brave, but when they rolled a wii into his room as they prepped him for surgery everything else seemed less important.  Mario Kart saves the day.  Unbelievable that he could be woozy from pain meds and able to win a race.

Surgery went as planned with no surprises.

We spent the night in the hospital (and may be here another one) due to his history of infection.  They are giving him iv antibiotics and pain medication.  He is having a very hard time with pain because some of the meds that usually work just aren’t working in his body.  Truly, this is one of the hardest things I have done as a mom.  Hate seeing my baby in this much pain.  He wanted to know if my leg was hurting because I was crying along with him.  Sweet boy.  No mom’s leg isn’t hurting…just my heart.

Would appreciate you praying for him that the pain would ease, that he would stay infection free, and that he heals beautifully.  I am ready to be eating this boy’s dust again!

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