Resting Comfortably

IMG_0964The first several days after surgery were rough, but we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  Yesterday, Little Man was acting more like himself.  His fever has broke, last night he slept through the night without pain medication, and this morning he is asking to go for a spin in his wheelchair.  This mom is breathing easier!

He loves the wheelchair.  Even when he was experiencing a lot of pain he was willing to push himself around.  After a month of not being able to wear his prosthesis, mobility seems like pure heaven.  He has mastered doing donuts and his favorite new game is pretending to be Pac Man.  He chases everyone (ghosts) to eat them.  Love hearing him laugh as he chases us – Don’t love those huge wheelchair wheels running over my toes!  He has also figured out how to crawl without touching his leg on the ground.  It is like some crazy knee lift push up while crawling.  He is amazing.

This week we are focusing on his continued healing and exercising his leg to keep his mobility.  It is more natural for him to keep his knee bent so they have given him a brace so that his knee doesn’t lock. Next week, we go back to the hospital for them to check his leg and fit him for a compression sleeve to continue the healing and prepare him for a new prosthetic.

We can’t thank you all enough for keeping him in your prayers.  Our family feels very blessed by your love and support!

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