Jet lag and leg business 

We are on American soil and fighting our way through jet lag. Jet lag is evil. Hubby jokes that if Dante would have ever experienced jet lag he would have included it as one of the circles of hell. Then add four children. To illustrate my point I will admit I am writing this at 4 am. A huge benefit of jet lagging (I just made up a word at 4 am) in the States – cereal. My five year old is eating a whole box of Cheerios as I type this. 

That same five year old has a pretty big day today. We are heading to Shriner’s hospital for his annual check up and to start the process of getting him a new leg made- which is one of the main reasons we are in the States this summer. If there are no unforeseen procedures needed, we should get a good start towards him having a leg that doesn’t fall off!  He has been a trooper the last few months. It hasn’t been fitting great which has caused some awkward moments this spring. Like when it fell off on a crowded bus. Everyone around us screamed or jumped back. We all of a sudden had more space than we needed plus a seat to sit down!  Little man takes it in a stride. He laughs about it all and yanks the wayward leg back in place. I think God gave him extra personality to handle situations like these. 

Last night when the little girl at the pool was asking questions about his missing leg, he gave the perfect response without help from mom. (For the record, we love it when parents allow their kids to ask questions. Don’t shush your kiddos and act like disabilities are something to hide, be ashamed of, or not talk about.)  This precious little asked Little Man how he lost his leg. (First question for most kids. They wonder if they could loose theirs too.) She then said, “I didn’t know people with one leg could swim.”  Little Man’s quick response, “Kids with one leg are normal kids.”  BOOM. That is how education happens. His point was illustrated well as they happily swam together for the next hour. 

We would appreciate your prayers today and over the coming weeks for little man. Hopefully he will be running with a perfect fit soon!

3 thoughts on “Jet lag and leg business 

  1. Praying! May the fit be the best possible! Praying for all of you to have a great day.

    John and Darlene


  2. Oh that leg! I remember your blog about the time you were crossing a street with bags of groceries and his leg fell off and the nice gentleman who helped you. I am sure Little Man will love his new leg!! I am so amazed at how children and even adults can adapt to their disabilities so well. We have so many of our military coming home minus legs and arms and even both at once. God surely has his arms around them all including Little Man!! Enjoy your time in the states and I hope you are having good weather where you are….it is so hot down here in the South and dry, but I shouldn’t complain as the people in California are burning up and it is so sad to see their homes go up in flames….and the people in the floods….we can do so much with technology now, but God is still in control of nature and we just have to trust in him. God bless your family. Sandi

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