Breaking News. 4 +1 = 5

5We have news.  News that probably won’t surprise any of you, but news that might be shocking all the same.

I have gone over and over how to write this blog post – sharing our decision.  Some cute photo perhaps? A snappy saying?   In truth, this long-in-coming decision can’t be summed up in a cute phrase or a witty blog post.  So, I will just blurt it out.

We are going to adopt again.



Yup.  Five kids.

It is kinda crazy.  We know it.

Something that is even more crazy?  Children are growing up without parents.  I know them.  They are my students.  Often, my students will plead with me, asking me if I would please adopt them.  I really don’t think I can explain how my heart hurts for each of those kids who long for a family of their own.  It is so very hard to say, “No.”

You see, when you teach at an orphanage…you face the need.  There are not enough families and there are so many amazing kids waiting, hoping, praying.   We can’t adopt them all.  But, we feel that by God’s grace we are able to be the family for one more.  We will grieve that we just can’t care for them all, but we will do all we can for one. We know we are able to love and care for one more.

We are facing the need I see on a daily basis and choosing to do what we can.  The true crazy part…we will be blessed for it.  I know that is truth.  As a result of our two adopted kids, my life is so much fuller, brighter, happier, and filled with more slobbery cheek kisses.  As a dear friend of mine (who has adopted 8 times!) once said, “We are just gluttons for blessing.”  Amen.

I never set out to have a large family, though my high school Sunday school teacher might argue otherwise.  I did once say I wanted 13 children and a station wagon.  No husband.  I am so thankful God hasn’t made all of that a reality.

There are moments – like today when we were shopping for jeans for our current four children and it took two extra strength tylenol, a half a gallon of sweet tea and the entire afternoon to get the job done, I wonder what kind of crazy woman I am.  And when I think about adding another child to the mix for next year, well, sanity may be a bit overrated.  Just keepin’ it real.

Then there are moments – like holding a small hand, reading a book, snuggling in bed, saying evening prayers, playing ping pong, and talking about the joys and pains of growing up – so many moments that I will not trade for anything.

We have never regretted adding any of our four kiddos to our family.  We won’t regret #5.  And at the end of our lives, we won’t look back and regret providing a home and a family for one more kiddo – even if it means stress and craziness and pressure in the short run.

I can’t wait to look #5 in the face and say, “Yes!”  I can’t wait to tell them, ” We are now your family. No matter what life throws at you we will all be in your corner, walking with you, cheering for you, grieving with you.  We are yours, and you are ours.” Oh, what a moment that will be!


So, we would really appreciate you praying for our family as we step out in faith to adopt again.  We have just completed our home study and we are facing much more paperwork and a lot of fees.  Please pray for God’s provision and strength as we wait, as well as His will as we seek being matched with the child He has for us.  We will keep you posted as God unfolds another story of His miracles and grace in our family.



15 thoughts on “Breaking News. 4 +1 = 5

  1. Thanks for sharing the exciting news. Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing more about the journey 🙂 Sarah

  2. Thank God!!!! Thrilled for you and Brian and your kids. What an amazing blessing for everyone. God builds our families, how beautiful! Can’t wait to see how he continue to works in yours.


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  3. Not surprised…I was going to ask you when you were home this time when you were gong to. Congratulations, you all are such a special family…….

  4. Tammy and Brian,
    We are so happy for you! “He who welcomes one little child in My name, welcomes Me!”

    I testify that My God will supply all your needs too, as he has for each one of our children! Praise God for the next generation of Williams World Changers!!!

    Love you!

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Holly! It means a lot coming from someone who is living life with a large family. I welcome any advice you are up for sharing!!

    1. Thanks so much, Krista! We can’t give details yet, but we will keep you posted! Love seeing photos of your new little one! I am sure you can already tell stories of blessings from your journey to JoJo!

  5. What a lot of love you and your husband have in your hearts. I know God has just the child that needs you in mind. I also know how hard it must be to NOT adopt all of them…..that would be my downfall, I couldn’t make that decision…which one to choose, or rather, which one chooses us. That is probably the way it will be….whatever happens, I know God will be there guiding you on and blessing you with even more cheeky kisses!! Bless your family!

  6. WOOHOOO!!! so excited, Tammy!!! ‘thinking’ of you and bryan and your kiddos as you move forward on this journey. 🙂

    *Julie M. Longacre* 330/464-9194

    On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 12:07 PM, Casting A Stone wrote:

    > Tammy posted: “We have news. News that probably won’t surprise any of > you, but news that might be shocking all the same. I have gone over and > over how to write this blog post – sharing our decision. Some cute photo > perhaps? A snappy saying? In truth, this long-in-c” >

  7. Excited for you, Tammy. I find myself wanting to adopt my students when they aren’t orphans and they aren’t even asking. I can’t imagine how I would feel if both circumstances were reality. Congratulations, friend.

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