The story behind the t-shirts

A very smart, non-verbal, art student who is wheelchair bond with cerebral palsy wanted so badly to paint with the other kids.  I tried many ways to help him, but my attempts were unsuccessful.  Then one summer someone generously gave us some special paintbrushes with large handles and a bulb on the end.  I was so excited to give the brushes a try.

They fit the bill and my sweet friend has been painting up a storm with his very own brush that he can hold.  I love the art that he has produced.  It reminds me how these kids just need a chance – they have so much to offer and so much value.  Seems funny that a donation of a paintbrush can make a child feel remembered, cherished and loved.  Truth.


His art work reminds me how a small gift, given in love, can make a huge difference in the life of a child.  That is why we are so excited to have Bonfire printing T-shirts that display the flower painted by my student.  The proceeds of each sale go towards our adoption fund.  So fun.  So life-giving.  Adult shirts are $20 (women’s slim fit and unisex fit).  They are also offering youth sizes and a long sleeve option.  They will arrive at your home before Christmas.  You can click here to order shirts.  There are only 2 days left to buy shirts so that they can be printed and arrive by Christmas.


You don’t wear T-shirts but feel led to give a small gift toward our adoption that will make a huge difference in the life of an orphan and be a huge blessing to our family?  You can give a tax deductible gift to our adoption fund that will go directly to our adoption agency to help pay for fees.  Just follow this link. Our agency thinks that we could have our new child as quickly as 2-3 months from now!  Yeek.  There are a lot of fees between now and then so every $5 gift will help.

Thank you so much for considering helping us as we adopt #5 and for remembering my sweet students who are not forgotten by God and who are so very valuable.



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