Pre-school proram & ER visit

It was a day all about Beth….the good, the bad and the ugly.

It started out good.  She couldn’t have been cuter dressed in the pilgrim costume we had made out of a paper bag.  (Some school projects are timeless – I know I did that in Kindergarten.  Mom, you do that in the one room school-house too? ;-))  She walked in,  found us in the crowd,  gave us the thumbs up, and then proceeded to be brilliant while reciting her poems.  Definitely the GOOD of the day!  (Photo on left is what I got when I asked for her to “pose” for a picture of her pilgrim costume.  What a ballerina at heart.

The bad of the day….

While attending a Mom’s In Touch prayer meeting, Beth had a nasty fall that included an end table, her eye, and much panic on the part of her mother.  Nothing like a big crash and a screaming child to bring halt to a prayer meeting (and start-up a whole new type of praying!)

I normally am a pretty cool laid back mom.  When I reached my crying screaming child, I scooped her up and starting with the back pat.  No luck.  That is when I see the HUGE goose egg forming near her eye.  So I decide it is time to leave and go home for Tylenol.  By the time we are to the van it has doubled in size.  Okay, scratch the home and tylenol plan, maybe we should head to the pediatrician’s office.  Calm call to the hubbie and we are on our way.  Peek in the rear view mirror to see the bump still growing, eye almost swollen shut and child half asleep.  Who did I say stays calm?  Another U turn and change of plans as I head to the ER.  Now I am the mother who is trying not to cry while running into the ER with my child tucked under my arm.

“Birthdate?  What?  I don’t know?  Hers?  Mine?  Just point me to the DOCTOR!”  Very cool and calm, wouldn’t you say?  The story should go….once she was being taken care of by professionals that I regained some control.  But as every nurse in the place gave a dramatic “ohh, ouch” when they saw my baby – when they rushed her in for a head scan – when the doc says, “Let me just say that usually with this much swelling there is a broken bone – ”  well you fill in the story.  Did you just catch the part about her having a broken bone in her face?!  Not calm material in my book.

Thankfully the “bad” of the day did not turn into “ugly.”  The scans all came back looking good.  No broken bones.  Our brilliant four year old happened to hit a blood vessel just right to cause all that swelling.  Amazing!  A mild concussion and a bad black eye really is a decent way to end the day.

I will have to post a photo soon.  Her eye is amazing.  She saw herself in the mirror and she said, “I look like a young old lady!”  That is when I calmed down.   Her head is fine.  The funny comments are still in there.  We are back to normal!

2 thoughts on “Pre-school proram & ER visit

  1. Those huge bumps are scary. Anna got one at church when Kristin was new – I also took her to the ER. Glad to hear Beth is okay and that you can breath again.

  2. OH, my goodness! LOL! You should really write a book or something! Hope you had a peaceful, uneventful Thanksgiving! Love you ~Rachel

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