The Advent

One of the best things we have done since moving to Wilmore – putting the girls in ballet.  Ruthie has always flitted around the house, so originally we looked into the Wilmore Christian School of Ballet for her.  If she is going to dance, she might as well know how to do it right.  I also thought she might get the dance worked out of her during classes and be able to walk through the house.  That part hasn’t happened!  But the classes really have taught her a lot about focus and dancing for worship – two great things for our girl!

Beth – she jumped in by default.  We weren’t going to put her in classes, but when we were there signing up Ruthie she wanted to try.  At the time she had only been in our family for three months.  She was not leaving my side for anything (even for me to go to the bathroom)!  So when she wanted to march into a dance class by herself to “be like big sister”….well to be brutally honest, the idea of 30 minutes of sitting in a chair waiting for her to be done with no one climbing on me sounded GREAT.  The class has been good for her too.  Her teacher, who grew up overseas, has been awesome with her!  Beth has made friends and gained confidence.  Ballet has been well worth the money for both our girls!

Last week the Ballet school put on their Christmas program – “The Advent.”  It was amazing to see the Christmas story in dance.  Ruthie was a star.  Beth played a sheep.  They both did great and we are proud of our little ballerinas!  Here are a few photos and more on the photo page.

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