Holiday Security

We have had a great holiday season.  The plays, programs, decorations, gifts and visits to family….all very special and reminded me of how blessed we are to openly celebrate the birth of Jesus.

This year we had an unexpected added blessing.  I really didn’t think that we could top last year’s joy of having Beth with us at Christmas for the first time.  She was in awe over everything!  It was so much fun to see the holidays through her eyes.

She surprised us again.

It started at Thanksgiving.  Aunt Carolyn handed out early Christmas presents to the kids.  Beth looked at the package in surprise and asked, “we are doing this again?”  At first I didn’t understand the question.  Then I realized that she didn’t know that Christmas happened every year.  Pure joy lite her face when she understood that we get to celebrate Jesus every year!

From there on she would announce – “OHHHH, I remember that! now we are going to…..”

She was thrilled to know what was going to happen.  I hadn’t given it any thought, but the security of experiencing the holidays with our family for a second time was priceless to our sweet girl.  She feels like she belongs.  She knows to ask “when are we going to make our gingerbread houses?”  She proudly announced to the kids in her class that she would get three gifts on Christmas morning, “because Jesus got three gifts from the wisemen when He was born.”  She knew what to do with her stocking and looked forward to the shopping trip with Daddy for a Christmas dress.  But the action that showed me she is finally finding her place in our family – she opened all her gifts and didn’t hide one in her “special spot” in case she didn’t get a gift ever again.  She knows Christmas will come back around and she will be a Williams – celebrating with us.

After Christmas she did ask me one important question:  “Mom does this mean we will celebrate my birthday again too?”  The count down is on and she expecting that cake!

I am labeling 2012 the year of “seconds” with Beth Yanfen.  I am expecting this to be her year of security and peace.  How fun it will be to see how she continues to blossom through that!

Then next year can be a year of first again with our new little one!  Gotta keep it interesting!

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