Introducing our Little Emperor

We were utterly surprised by the many turns of events today, but one thing that did not surprise us….our new son is amazing.

After 1o months of paperwork he finally is in our arms forever.

It wasn’t a joyous  first meeting.  He took one look at this crazy white family and began to cry scream.   His screams filled the whole official’s office and I am sure also filled the videos of the other families trying to meet their children!  We made our mark.  Toys, snacks, rocking….you name it we tried it.

 Little Monkey did her best to show him toys and stop the flow of tears.  Finally she patted him on the checks and said, “Don’t worry Isaac.  I am adopted too.  It will be okay.”  That was my undoing.

We found out many things about our Little Man (besides that he has an olympic set of lungs).  He has actually been in a foster home.  They obviously loved and took good care of our boy.  The orphanage director rattled off a list of things that the foster family did for him including giving him sweet milk, providing him with motorized bikes, playing with him till he would fall asleep and spoon feeding him.  The director shook her head and called him “little emperor” in Chinese letting us know he was spoiled as if he was the emperor of China!  She took one look at the photos of our other three kids and said, “good you are an experienced mother and will know how to teach him things!”

You might be able to label him spoiled, but he also is one brave little dude.  He clung to us and made the journey into his new life.  By evening he was clapping, playing ball with Little Monkey and chilling out on the floor next to daddy.

Just peeked into his crib, where he is sleeping peacefully thumb in mouth.  (Yes, we have another thumb sucker!)    I can almost imagine the days to come.  I am so blessed to be the one who has the chance to teach him that he can feed himself, get around like other kids and be a strong healthy little man.  What a journey we have ahead of ourselves.  Excited and so very thankful that God  choose us as the family for Little Man.

Welcome home Isaac Bryan Xunxun.  Welcome home.

6 thoughts on “Introducing our Little Emperor

  1. I am crying with such joy right now, as I look through the photo’s. I can hardly wait for you guys to come home, so that we get to meet this little guy. It has been such a pleasure to pray you guys through the first lap of the journey, and we will continue to pray you through the next few laps. God bless the Williams, we love you guys.

  2. i’m a friend of sarah steely. i’m soooo happy for you!!!!! we’ve adopted five times (today started the journey for #6 🙂 and gotcha days are scary, exciting, life-changing, tiring, and blessed beyond measure!!!! may the God of the Universe continue to cover you and your family. congrats!!!!

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