The first 24 hours

It has taken less then 24 hours for this Little Man to completely capture our hearts!   His smile melts me and when he wraps his arms around my neck I almost forget myself and am willing to give him the moon.  It seriously will take every ounce of will power and self-discipline that I have in my body not to spoil him more than his foster mother did!

He really has warmed up to us today and his true charming personality is coming through.  He loves being tossed up in the air, playing with the wooden train cars we brought, and best of all being snuggled.

We have found out that he HATES having his teeth brushed.  We got through it, but afterwards he clamped his lips together just in case daddy was going to come at him again with that big mean toothbrush!  Bryan began tickling his tummy and the little stinker was laughing with his lips closed.  It seriously was the funniest thing ever.  Maybe you had to be here.

All that to say we are BLESSED by this new addition.  I think some photos can show you more than a rambling post about all of our days activities.


6 thoughts on “The first 24 hours

  1. Oh you guys – these pictures are just PRECIOUS! He has such a sweet smile and he already knows how to smile for the camera?! Beth looks so beautiful and confident. What a fun, fun trip!

  2. wonderful post! we are so happy to read that everything is off to a great start and that your little charmer is a joy to you! praying for the rest of your trip. –shawnee

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