Getting to know him!

Jetlag is kicking our tails (or should I say Little Monkey’s jetlag is kicking my tail!)  So this post is late in coming.  I fell asleep with the kids the last two nights in a row! 😉

Day 3 and 4 with little man have been a bit slower.  We had to go to the police station to apply for Isaac’s passport that we will be able to pick up in a few days.  Other than that we have been able to hang out and get to know each other better.  He really is starting to come out of his shell more and more each day.  He finally said something – ball in chinese and his name.  We were excited to hear his little voice.  Since he has been so silent we thought #4 was going to be a mild meek silent one that our family has been lacking.  Then we Skyped big brother and sister.  He heard them calling his Chinese name and he went nuts – talking up a storm.  We have no idea what he was saying, but he sure wanted to tell them something.  Can’t wait to get all 4 of these kiddos together!

We have been so blown away by all of the support, encouragement and prayers we have received during this process.  Thank you so much for standing with us.  Feeling the love!

Till tomorrow (or the next time I am awake.)

The GZ zoo. Yes that is smog!
feeding the giraffes. Little man wasn’t so sure about them being so close.
Little Monkey wasn’t afraid.
Panda Bears!

Holding on for dear life.
What a princess!
We just saw the pandas!
first ice cream.
Please don’t brush my teeth!!
Talking on Skype with Big brother and sister!