A day filled with treasures

Today we were able to experience what in my wildest dreams I did not think possible.  Traveling a few hours outside of the city we were able to get to know our little man on a whole new level by visiting his stomping grounds.  There is no greater gift then seeing where he slept, played and grew these past two years.  We took tons of photos and just tried to soak it all in.

The memory from today that this mom will treasure in my heart for years to come…..

We walked down the street toward the little park where they took him to play.  As we walked the neighbors flooded down into the street.  They called his name and congratulated him as we walked by.  One old woman said, “So you are off to America!”  Another wanted to know if he was excited to ride an airplane.  Yet another wanted to let his new momma know that “he is a really big eater!”  It warmed my heart to see how loved he is.  After spending several days in GZ where he gets starred at, pointed at and we get weird glances, (seriously had a young couple trip because they were starring at his leg rather than watching where they were walking in the restaurant tonight!) these old women helped my attitude.

I expected the day to be hard on our little guy – confusing at best.  He just met his new family 5 days ago and now to confront his old world again?!  Not sure I would have pushed to do it if I hadn’t had the experience with Little Monkey.  There are so many questions that she has about her first 4 years of life – all of which I can’t answer.  We have few photos and even less information.  The treasure I was given today for Little Man is immeasurable.  Anyway, I expected tears and maybe even a big old two year old fit when it was time to leave.  Boy did he surprise us.   The whole day he went from old arms to new arms as if he understood the importance of goodbyes and embracing his new future.  Sounds impossible I know, but kids who have had hard beginnings have “old souls” and understand things that never should be understood at such tender ages.

After today’s visit it feels real.  I have had him in my arms for several days.  The documents are in my file folder to prove that he is now my son – but there is something about a good goodbye.   Closure.

We celebrated a great day with McDonalds for dinner.  He ate 3 chicken nuggets and french fries – the only American food he has been interested in thus far.  I guess he was ready to embrace his new beginning too!

At a local park
Day five – saying goodbyes

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