Home Sweet Home

All four kiddos are tucked in bed….all here, in this house, all together. Could it get better than this?! Ahhhh. I am one content momma. How could I not be after a sweet day (day one of all six of us together)?

Spent the day watching the antics of the big kids who are desperate to win over Little Man. Somehow they have not realized that he already adores them and laughs at their every move! He belly laughed at Soccer Dude who was showing him how to do a header with the soccer ball. Not to be out done Big Girl followed him around all day meeting his every whim. “It is like the baby I have always wanted!” She declared. God did grant her the desires of her heart by providing us a little guy who loves being spoiled, carried and entertained.  We will see how long this lasts.

Now, when it came time for the park he was all about going up and down the slide on his own. Swings not so much. Daddy finally was able to convince him to give it a try. He sure is becoming a daddy’s boy.  See the sweet telling photo below.

Our very active 2 year old is totally more fun at the park then he is on an airplane for 16 hours.  We managed – actually I can’t complain.  We had very few meltdowns (talking about myself here!)   None of us slept well.  Little Man really does like to sleep on his back with his arms flung over his head….not really possible in my lap in a small seat on an airplane.  We tossed and turned.  He uses his short leg like a lever to raise himself up.  Smart when he is trying to get around – painful in mums gut when used to try to get comfortable in his sleep.

We might just need to name the short leg “lever” much better then stump, nub, short leg or even hook don’t you think?  😉  Yes, I realize this could cause a few people to be offended.   Learning to laugh with, be endearing and embrace rather than be offended by all the staring has made us rethink what is offensive.  Thought the staring would end when we left China.  Not so much.  Parents you should tell your kids not to point and whisper loudly.  Just come out and ask if he is missing his foot.  Then we can say yes, introduce you to Lever and all be friends!  Ohhh, that was like a post within a post all for free!

Enough for tonight, I should give in to jetlag and and go to  bed.  (Jetlag is evil. Twice within 14 days is pure torture!)

First a few photos from day one as six.

The bond is close – looking at dad and trusting him on that scary swing.
Welcome to the life of 4 children….couldn’t get them all to smile, look or wipe the silly faces off. Must say I was laughing pretty hard!

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