Some of our favorite things

We have used the last days of our holiday break to do a few of our favorite things…hot pot and ice skating ice sledding.  We might not have public playgrounds for kids or malls to walk around, but there are some fun things to pass the time in our city.  Sledding and bike riding on the frozen lake is definitely high on our list of fun things.




Our family tradition is to eat hot pot on January 1st.  Everybody gets a tiny soup type pot sitting in front of them and you cook your food in that pot.  It is kinda like fondue, but even yummier!  It also is a bit exciting with an active four year old.  Little Man + a boiling pot + raw meat = entertainment that borders on danger.






Ice sledding…you might wonder what that is.  In all my yankee days I have never seen anything like it.  Sleds are fit with blades (like what are on ice skates).  You use metal poles to push yourself around on the frozen pond.  They also have bikes that run on blades and are propelled forward by peddling.  Super fun but so hard to steer and stop.  There is a theme to the fun in our city.  It all tends to be border line on dangerous.  Just kidding.  Kinda.


















Our Northern peeps really should think of starting a business with these sleds!

Anyone who wants to brave the cold and visit us in the winter, we will totally take you for spin on this lake!

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