Out of this world

IMG_2523Little Man has his new leg and it literally is out of this world!  It fits great, looks cool, and he is walking more than ever.  We are so thankful for the folks at Shriners hospital for all they do to help our guy live to his full potential.  They bend over backwards to helps us crazy people who live half way around the world and travel in for medical care.  We are blessed to have them as our medical team.  In their great care for our guy and setting up what he will need next, his doctors let us know that he probably will need another surgery next summer.  It shouldn’t be as big of a deal as his bone reduction last summer, but due to his super growth, bone spurs are something we will have to look forward to.  We are keeping that in the back of our minds, and thinking that we may have another summer stateside in the near future.

Once Little Man was running on a new leg we were able to check a few other things off our to do list this summer.  Dental appointments down.  Eye exams and new glasses.  Soccer Dude’s follow-up and a minor outpatient surgery is done. Lots of grilling, a bit of camping.  Many lovely visits with friends and family in the memory books. Another year of homeschool supplies loaded into suitcases. The grand finale was two days of travel.  We are now home and can I just say….there is nothing like sleeping in my own bed!

It has been a busy summer! Now we are ready to settle back into our day to day lives.  We are taking the next week to rest and get over jet lag then we will start at it again.  Hubby can’t rest for to long – He has a trip scheduled for Thursday to look at the new campus in our city.  His university is moving!  It might prove to be a crazy fall with many new twists and turns as the university gets settled in their new location.  We will keep you posted as it develops.

Thanks for lifting us up this summer.  We are so blessed to have the support of so many!  Blessed.


Resting Comfortably

IMG_0964The first several days after surgery were rough, but we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  Yesterday, Little Man was acting more like himself.  His fever has broke, last night he slept through the night without pain medication, and this morning he is asking to go for a spin in his wheelchair.  This mom is breathing easier!

He loves the wheelchair.  Even when he was experiencing a lot of pain he was willing to push himself around.  After a month of not being able to wear his prosthesis, mobility seems like pure heaven.  He has mastered doing donuts and his favorite new game is pretending to be Pac Man.  He chases everyone (ghosts) to eat them.  Love hearing him laugh as he chases us – Don’t love those huge wheelchair wheels running over my toes!  He has also figured out how to crawl without touching his leg on the ground.  It is like some crazy knee lift push up while crawling.  He is amazing.

This week we are focusing on his continued healing and exercising his leg to keep his mobility.  It is more natural for him to keep his knee bent so they have given him a brace so that his knee doesn’t lock. Next week, we go back to the hospital for them to check his leg and fit him for a compression sleeve to continue the healing and prepare him for a new prosthetic.

We can’t thank you all enough for keeping him in your prayers.  Our family feels very blessed by your love and support!

The Leg – Surgery it is

Surgery has been scheduled for July 9th.  Although it is a bummer that Little Man needs surgery, we really are seeing God’s provision in how all the details are falling in to place.  His team of doctors in the States were able to review all of the information we sent them from here and they have concluded that there is a 90% chance that surgery will be needed.  So we are getting ready.

The surgeon “happened” to have a slot for the surgery the morning after our already scheduled appointment so they switched it to a pre-op appointment and surgery will happen the next morning.   Provision for sure!

The procedure is routine in the States – a bone reconstruction in his limb or in the words of our family “the doctors are going to fix the booboo in Little Man’s stub so that he can wear his prosthetic again!”  That is what matters.  It is killing our little guy not to be able to wear his leg.  He likes to be on the move!  I am afraid the frustration of immobility will be a theme for the next month if not more, but in the end he should be more comfortable than ever.

Our summer plans really are on hold while we seek the best care for Little Man.  We had hoped to do a lot of visiting and speaking – now we might be making a lot of phone calls.  We hope that you all will understand our lack of visits this time around as we focus on getting our little guy up and running again.

We for sure will be keeping you posted on how he is doing and how the process goes. I would love to hear any suggestions on how to entertain an active four year old while in the hospital!


Fallen off the edge of the earth?

Since I haven’t posted in weeks, I am sure you assume I have fallen off of the edge of the earth.  Nope.  Just traveled around it and we are now heading back again!



At the beginning of July we flew to the States with the main goal of getting Little Man a new prosthetic leg made.  (Totally need to blog about that process, but we will save that for another time.)   He now is proudly cruising on new toes!  Mission accomplished, but that isn’t the whole story.  The side benefits of needing to come stateside for medical reasons – well they were numerous, to numerous to list, but I might give you a few of the highlights.

  1. Little Monkey got to see the Great Wall for the first time on our way out of the country.  She had mentioned the grievance that the Chinese members of our family had not seen the Great Wall.  A day hiking the wall was our remedy and it was all she had hoped for and then some.


2. Hang’n with the grandparents was a highlight for all of us.  Being spoiled with favorite foods, riding four-wheelers, tagging along “helping” and chattering non-stop makes for some great summer memories!


3. The beach.  Nothing else needs to be said.  No photo needed since I was in a bathing suit! 😉

4. Connecting with friends.  I can’t tell you how many times I was in tears this summer over the joy of friendship.  You can’t beat good friends who support you, love you and pray over you.  We are blessed.  Here are two examples – great friends I was in Bible study with 10 years ago!  The sweet fellowship continues.


5.Simpson Park Camp meeting was a time of peace and renewal for me.  The few days we camped there were filled with such sweet times.  Love that place.  Every furlough should include some time soaking in the goodness of a campmeeting!



6. I met my new niece!  The one weekend we were around and this sweet, obedient, little one arrived as if on cue! Okay, her mom might not say that, but her Aunt was thrilled by her delay!   Thank you for coming into the world just in time for us to welcome you, precious!



7. Making it to the Hurley family reunion.  It was so fun to see cousins that I hadn’t seen in years and years and then to watch as our children became friends.  Priceless.

8. Worm guts, blue gill and gnats usually wouldn’t make any highlights list, but enjoying the great outdoors in the country – well I needed that!  I am ready now to go back to our city life after soaking in some country.



Thinking I should make this a good top ten list, but then who can stop at ten?  It has been a great summer, but we are now ready to return.  Looking forward to a new season.